I met Seth Clearwater today…

Uh…Boo Boo Stewart. The dude who plays Seth in Eclipse. I had NO CLUE that he was doing a meet and greet there.

I was going to metro with my dad, to hang out and to pre-order my New Moon DVD, because you get a film cell (which I have no idea what that is…but okay,) if you pre-order at HMV. Since I still had about $27 left on my gift card that MuchMusic gave me last year, I decided to use it. So yeah.

I met Boo Boo Stewart, I didn’t bring my camera, which kinda sucked because I wanted a picture with him as more proof. But I got his autograph anyway and told him “Good luck with Eclipse!”, and he said: “Oh, Thank you so much!”. :) So I have bragging rights now. Haha. Cool that I got to meet someone from the cast, even though he’s mostly in his wolf-form during Eclipse anyway. LOL. At first, I thought it was Taylor but then I realized he was in L.A., what would he be doing in Vancity? Went to check & there was BB. :P

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